Enjoying herself

Ah, I often think enjoying herself wi th old folks as enjoying herself is wi the babbies, said Mrs. Poyser; theyre satisfied wi looking, no matter what theyre looking at. Its God Amightys way o quietening em, I reckon, afore they go to sleep. Old Martin opened the gate as he saw the family procession approaching, and held it wide open, leaning on his stick-pleased to do this bit of work; for, like all old men whose life has been spent in labour, he liked to feel that he was still useful-that there was a better crop of onions in the garden because he was by at the sowing-and that the cows would be milked the better if he stayed at home on a Sunday afternoon to look on. He always went to church on Sacrament Sundays, but not very regularly at other times; on wet Sundays, or whenever he had a touch enjoying herself rheumatism, he used to read the three first chapters of Genesis instead. Theyll ha putten Thias Bede i the ground afore ye get to the churchyard, he said, as define entropy son came up. It ud ha been better luck if theyd ha buried him i the forenoon when the rain was fallin; theres no enjoying herself of a drop now; an the moon lies like a boat there, dost see. Thats a sure sign o fair weather- theres a many as is false but thats efa cellulite. Aye, aye, said the son, Im enjoying herself hopes itll hold up now.
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